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Work continues on our permanent parking lot.  With the loss of one lot due to the construction of the hotel, and our second lot giving way to the Prado, we will need this parking option in the very near future for in town demand.  The site was selected for it’s proximity to the entertainment district being built, just north of Pura Vida Ride, and will provide an easy access to this area for visitors.

As we are generally opposed to having more cars around, this study was a careful give and take to determine what the right numbers would ultimately look like.  One can not make an opinion on parking without considering the works of Donald Shoup, who has likely spent more time thinking about parking versus anyone.   I am definitely with Shoup.

We will continue to reduce the need for car parking, as we encourage more use of Zip Car and other service providers for logistics.  Hopefully this is our first, and last permanent parking lot here at Las Catalinas.


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