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Today is TRI day, and from before dawn town has been alive and humming, all centered around Playa Danta. Conditions were perfect: cooler in the morning with a gentle breeze and warm waters, and El TRI started a little after sunrise at 6 am, followed by the Aguas Abiertas immediately afterward, and now the whole beachfront around Limonada, Santarena, and Pura Vida Ride has families and athletes celebrating a race well done. 

Congratulations to Leo Chacón for the win, and to all competitors.

Later this afternoon, there will be the Kids Race at 3:30pm, the awards ceremony at 4:30pm, with all results from the event, as well as photos available via the Las Catalinas TRI Facebook Page.

You can also find a few photos of El TRI, as well as of yesterday’s Aguas Abiertas training (the first 2), right here:

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