Wednesday February 14, 2024.

At the Heart of our Community: Moments In Town We Loved 


As both residents and visitors of Las Catalinas, we have been fortunate to experience countless unforgettable moments right within town. From leisurely strolls, to pausing in a cafe or along a scenic trail, we share some recent moments we loved in town this Valentine’s Day.



Exploring micro: A close-up of ferns along the hiking and biking trails.




Town is made up of a series of wonderful, walkable spaces for you to enjoy with loved ones.




Reforestation means more animals around town. A fawn was spotted on the trails at Finca La Estancia. 


Image (11)


During the summer season, Playa Danta offers a spectacular view of the sunset that leaves one awestruck almost daily.


Image (10)


A stunning aerial shot capturing the lively essence of our fully completed beach town by photographer Julio Chavarria.


Image (13)


A feast for the eyes and the mouth. Stunning and delicious pastries at Cuatro Calle La Ronda.




An overpass crafted to shield from the elements, town's building designs are tailored to suit the diverse conditions of Costa Rica, adept at weathering intense rain and sun alike.




An encounter at twilight in Playa Danta. Forging new friendships amidst the breathtaking sunset.