Thursday May 23, 2024.

The Soft Rain Showers Bring Life to Guanacaste 


With the brief rainfalls hitting Las Catalinas, the region bursts into life with more fruits and flowers on the trees, including the "Corteza Amarilla" or Yellow Cortez. This well-known native tree of Central America is famous for its brief yet spectacular displays of yellow flowers and its reputation as a robust tropical hardwood. These trees produce a profusion of yellow flowers nine to ten days after a cooler day during the dry season, typically from January to June. 




Mango season is also upon us, and soon you'll see green mangos ripening into bright orange and yellow. 


The wildlife becomes more active with the arrival of rain. You might spot more monkeys as they come out to feast on abundant fruits and flowers. It is a prime time for wildlife sightings. The corteza amarilla blooms after rainfall, driving the monkeys wild as they feast on the flowers. 

Enjoy the tropical dry forest’s transition from gold to green over the next couple of months in town and around the rest of the country.