Thursday February 22, 2024.

A Visit to Las Fiestas Cívicas de Liberia


Today marks the beginning of the "Fiestas Cívicas de Liberia," or Liberia Civic Parties, showcasing live music, rodeos, dancing, bull riding, a beauty pageant, and even a mountain bike race and trail running. This event stands as a significant cultural celebration for both Liberia and Guanacaste, so much so that Friday, March 1st, is considered a holiday for the people of Liberia.  


Visitors attending the event this evening will have the opportunity to enjoy a complimentary opening party featuring the national artist  Marimba Orquesta Los Golobios, traditional Costa Rican dancing, and a cimmarona band, but the festivities continue onto March third. Cyclists can participate in a recreational ride of twenty-five or forty-five kilometers on February 25th, and the five-kilometer run is on March 3rd. Find the whole schedule here. 




Liberia earns its nickname of "La Ciudad Blanca," or the White City, owing to the dusty white material, "cascajo," that once paved its streets. It is the perfect setting to fully embrace the rich cowboy culture that is prevalent throughout Guanacaste. The "tope" or horse rodeo, along with bull riding, stands as integral parts of the festivities. Plan to play carnival games, indulge in fair food, and take in tradition. 


Reaching Liberia from Las Catalinas is a breeze, thanks to paved roads spanning the entire route. It's just about an hour's drive from town, a short distance beyond the Liberia Airport at Plaza Monumental Camilo Reyes, which can be found in Waze or Google Maps. Make sure to give yourself plenty of time to arrive as traffic will be heavier than normal.


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