Thursday December 7, 2023.

Wave Chronicles:  Surf Updates from Brian, Senior Member of the Las Catalinas' Residential Sales Team


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Known as a surfing haven globally, Costa Rica has emerged as a mecca for enthusiasts seeking both the thrill of mastering the basics and the adventure of exploring wild waves. With tropical weather and a balmy average water temperature of 28 degrees Celsius (83°F), Costa Rica offers year-round surfing opportunities. However, Brian Funcik sheds light on the distinctive allure of the surf in Guanacaste, unveiling what makes it particularly special and enticing for wave enthusiasts.


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Brian, a seasoned member of the Las Catalinas' Residential Sales Team, calls Las Catalinas home and takes full advantage of his proximity to the great surf in Guanacaste. In a recent conversation delving into the current surf conditions in Costa Rica, Brian shares captivating stories and videos from his last week's expedition to El Laberinto. This exposed reef break in the Guanacaste region offers consistently thrilling waves. Despite its allure, Brian notes that the number of surfers at El Laberinto remains relatively low, even on optimal days, primarily due to the challenging rips and rocks. 


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While the majority of Costa Rica relies on waves from the Southern Hemisphere, Guanacaste stands apart with its north-facing beaches, capturing the energy of north swells. Our region turns into a stage for the significant low-pressure systems in the northern and southern Pacific. As colossal waves first embrace destinations like Hawaii from the north and Tahiti from the south, Costa Rica eagerly awaits the subsequent arrival of pristine versions of the same swells a few days later. 


From December to March, Guanacaste experiences what locals fondly refer to as "purple monsters." These powerful swells traverse the Pacific after gracing the shores of California, sculpted to perfection by the persistent offshore trade winds. The beauty of this surf lies in the size and force of the waves, but also in the consistent offshore winds that prevail throughout the day during this season, creating a surfing paradise. 


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For an unforgettable surfing experience this season, Guanacaste is the ultimate destination. Connect with the Catalinas' concierge to arrange your surf expedition, whether it is to renowned spots like El Laberinto, Witch’s Rock, Playa Grande, or other celebrated breaks in the vicinity. While in town, make sure to stop by to greet Brian at the Residential Sales Office, your go-to source for discovering some off-the-beaten-path waves in Guanacaste.