Wednesday, October 12th, 2018.

In this Daily -- the Las Catalinas parakeets are back

Sunny and breezy from dawn today, with temperatures starting in the high 70s and rising to the low 80s by midday. The light wind will primarily be out of the east today, around 5mph, shifting to blow out of the north during the afternoon before settling back from the east by evening. Some slightly drier air today as well with humidity down to around 62%, and the cove will be relatively active with waves around 2ft for the better part of the day. An excellent day to be out on the water this morning before the waves pick up.

With the changing of the seasons now here in full force, we've welcomed the Las Catalinas parakeets back to town after their regional migrations. Unlike many of the long-distance travelers that we welcome to town from the far north-- swallows, Cesar Tailed Flycatchers, herons, tanagers, and more -- the parakeets actually migrate nomadically within Costa Rica, moving from area to area chasing the fruits and flower buds that make up their diet. However, they always return to Las Catalinas around this time of year to nest and raise their young.

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Town primarily sees two forms of parakeets -- the Orange-Fronted Parakeet, and the Orange-Chinned Parakeet -- both of which are primarily green with vibrant accents on their plumage. Still, these birds are masters of camouflage, usually only visible with a trained eye, or when captured in flight, and it's not infrequent that entire flocks of up to 100 of them will take flight seemingly from thin air from the trees around Las Catalinas.

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However, you are far more likely to hear the parakeets than to spot them. They are very social creatures, moving in large groups with relatively complex social dynamics, and at all times of day -- particularly at dawn or at dusk when they are the most active -- you can hear them calling out and chattering amongst each other as they move around searching for food.

Keep a watchful eye and ear out in the next few months and you'll be able to see some of the most colorful characters of Las Catalinas in action.