The Daily. Wednesday, 30th December.

December 30, 2020

We're happy to announce the completion of Miraflores Flats, the first buildings in Beach Town North to bring a face to Camino Las Catalinas. The six flats all enjoy covered terraces, embracing year-round outdoor living. Flats span from two-three bedrooms and are designed to support full-time residents with distinct front doors, ample living spaces, and storage. Penthouse units capture wonderful views of the Pacific ocean, and town's layered vistas from every window are consistently beautiful. Each flat's interior finishes and furnishings convey unique style and a real sense of home. Soon we'll be welcoming Miraflores Flats residents!

Architect: Sara Picado Bega 

Design and Construction Management team led by: Alicia Palaco & Diego Aranda

Builder: Alfa Co.