Sunday, September 24, 2023.

September 24, 2023

Wellness and Community Thrive in Center of Joy 


Las Catalinas is designed to make well-living accessible and easy for residents and visitors alike, with one of our favorite places to practice self-care nestled right into the heart of town.  Center of Joy is a high-vibrational events space that holds classes, retreats, and experiences for the local community and visitors. Recently, we had the pleasure of receiving a heartfelt review from a visitor, and it captures the essence of what makes Center of Joy so special.

A Recommendation from the Heart: 


Olivia S., a participant in one of our retreats, sums it up beautifully with her glowing review: 


“The people made all the difference in the world with our event at Center of Joy. The space is charming, relaxing, beautiful, and whimsical, with lovely and darling touches all around. The staff, however, is the best part. They are truly world-class. They anticipated and met needs I didn't even realize I had. Their communication and caring was so clear and loving. They delighted us with surprise music offerings, and I felt consistently comfortable in their care. Cannot recommend highly enough.”


Her words reflect the sentiment of all those who have had the privilege of experiencing Center of Joy's unique magic. If you're seeking a moment to nurture your well-being, connect with the community, and immerse yourself in enriching activities, Center of Joy has many special activities and offerings in store. Keep an eye on Las Catalinas' monthly calendar for the latest news.