The Daily. Sunday, April 12th, 2020

April 12, 2020

Another calm and peaceful morning in Town.

This year the Easter Bunny changed logistics a little… Instead of the traditional Easter egg hunt along Paseo del Mar, it planned home delivery of baskets with treats. 

Although here we don’t have Spring, this time of the year also starts marking a change. In our case, from Dry season to the start of Rainy season. The past days have been very hot, slightly cloudier, windy at specific times and more humid… all signs that the first rains are about to arrive. Today is the first day in quite a while where different weather apps predict an afternoon shower, and what an expected aguacero this is! This set of first rains (which some call ‘los jocoteros’) are caused by strong atmospheric pressure, and always very, very welcome.

Town’s long time partners Abriendo Mentes have joined forces with other organizations to support the community better during these unprecedented times, where the recent economic downturn has left many in the area out of work. The initiative ‘Juntos por Guanacaste’ will provide food and supplies to families who need them. Abriendo Mentes will focus their support on our direct neighboring areas, with other organizations covering most of North Guanacaste. We invite anyone who is able to do so to donate to this cause. There is a very easy way to donate, through trusted, existing partners at the Guanacaste Community Fund using this link to donate online. Thank you to anyone able to help.

May you all have a lovely Easter.