The Daily. Saturday, November 28th.

November 28, 2020

Having been down in Guanacaste for the last few years, I missed the rise to peak convenience of services like Amazon up north. There is still a prohibitive amount of taxes, logistics, and need, for same day delivery goods. You still have to know someone or have some luck with a vendor to get many things done.

I would say right now, there is an appropriate amount of convenience to life here. This means sometimes things work out perfectly, and sometimes they are more difficult. The Concierge Team and Residential Services team make a big impact, and typically make the hard things easy for our Residents.

Today's task; we have to find this part. Should have had two spares, not one. A working version keeps an entire utility system running in Town and has become THE issue of the morning. Should be one-click easy, but it has turned in to something hard.

In a Black Friday weekend, I am very grateful to have these types of challenges and am grateful to be part of a team that is patient, balanced and resourceful. Pura vida.