The Daily. Monday, November 30th.

November 30, 2020

The internet is full of rabbit holes to go down. My personal favorite is Google Earth Pro. The ability to walk around any place on earth, with amazing detail, is pretty special. Give it a try! You can quickly see that Monaco is smaller than Las Catalinas.

Another commonality between Monaco and Costa armed forces. I think it gets complicated with Monaco, France has their back somehow. Not entirely sure of how that works. However, I do know that Costa Rica does not have a military. It is a bank holiday today, a new observation for the country. 72 years have passed since Costa Rica's military was dissolved.

This holiday, along with most others have been moved to a Monday to allow for three day weekends to occur. With less international tourists, this has encouraged more local tourism to occur here in Guanacaste. With most of the population living in San Jose, these long weekends have been appreciated.

Next long weekend is May 3rd, which I hope comes soon. Maybe we can create a cycling version of the Monaco Grand Prix that weekend.

Nov 29 Sunset, photo credit to Arturo.