The Daily. Sunday, March 24th, 2019.

March 24, 2019

In this Daily -- A Look at the Week Ahead

Not a cloud in the sky today as we wrap up the weekend, with warmer temperatures that'll be great for a trip to the water, and a cooler, clear morning that'll be ideal for a bike ride.

A steady Sunday ahead of us, with a spread of standard activities to finish this week and start the next one. Starting at 9am there will be a Travel Talk with Town Experts, a great way to get to know town better and get some insider tips, followed up by Brunch at 10 in the Santarena Conservatory. Then, later this afternoon, there will be another edition of Sunset Trailblazers, with clear skies and the sunsets tremendous this time of year.

We leave behind a lively week, which saw a pair of culinary punch-ups with Tokyo Street Food and the Barrio Barbecue as the rhythm of new events like Mercadito, Brunch, and Sunset Gin & Tonics at Santarena get going. We also had an interview with Chip Beard, a longtime friend of Las Catalinas, and saw the launch of LC Radio, a brand new podcast from the creators of the Daily and the Las Catalinas Blog.

Looking ahead, another lively week awaits. Morning fitness continues on both land and in the water, schedules from restaurants and sunset specials should all be in full effect (which you can see on weekly planners that usually come out tomorrow), and events like movie screenings, cocktail hours, and brunch will all continue as planned. Tuesday's Alma Viajera Pop Up will be "Julia's Paris", based on the classic recipes from legendary chef Julia Child, and should be an excellent highlight to the week. Otherwise, a good week to dive into the many interesting skills and hobbies available around Las Catalinas, or simply enjoy a place where the rhythm of life is just a little bit different.