Sunday February 25, 2024.

Renewal Efforts Commence for Puente La Amistad 


Construction on the Puente La Amistad is set to begin this week and continue until July 2024, so make sure to adjust your travel plans accordingly in Guanacaste. Acting as a vital link between the cantons of Cañas and Nicoya over the Tempisque River, this bridge was a donation from the government of Taiwan twenty-one years ago and is now in need of some renewal work.
 Fieldwork is scheduled to kick off starting this Monday, February 26th, as indicated by the National Roadway Council (Conavi). While drivers will experience no disruptions in the initial five weeks of renovations, the Puente la Amistad will be temporarily closed starting April 1st for the removal of structural parts from the bridge's surface using machinery.The bridge comprises of two distinct sections: a 260-meter cable-stayed segment upheld by tension cables, alongside a solid 520-meter fixed part supported by eight sturdy concrete pillars. Upgrades will encompass enhanced lighting, resurfacing of the road, replacement of supports, and a range of adjustments to reinforce the bridge and its supporting pillars.





The bridge is expected to welcome back travelers in July, aligning perfectly with the 200-year celebration of the Annexation of the Partido de Nicoya. For those yet to experience the beauty of the Puente la Amistad, it offers a breathtaking view of Guanacaste, captured in this photo by photographer Juan Betancourt.