Sunday February 18, 2024. 

Calling Las Catalinas Home


Once you are ready to make Las Catalinas your permanent residence, the next step is designing your dream home. Our goal is to make the experience of designing and building your home in Las Catalinas easy and enjoyable. Recognizing that each owner has unique needs and preferences, we have tailored four distinct scopes of services. These options range from basic management to comprehensive support, ensuring that every owner receives the level of management and advocacy that aligns with their vision for their property. 




The Initial Service 

This package serves as the foundational level of service, providing essential support for construction safety management within the town. All projects are mandated to engage in this scope of services. It's an ideal choice for those well-versed in designing and building within Guanacaste. 



The Semi-Custom Service 

A streamlined and effective service package, semi-custom offers selections from pre-curated palettes along with biweekly updates. If you prefer not to customize details, this option might be worth considering. 


Elevate Your Home with Unique Details 


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For those who are new to the process of designing and building homes, particularly in a challenging climate like Guanacaste where houses must withstand both intense rain and sun, we recommend considering Las Catalinas' interactive design service at the Custom or Signature service levels. 


The Custom Service 

In your quest to create a unique home, one that is meticulously tailored to your preferences, Las Catalinas offers the Custom Service—a personalized approach that is simple, intimate, and transparent.  


This service is the most popular choice, offering a perfect balance between meticulous attention to detail and personalized care. The Custom Service provides you with an initial estimate of your home's cost, eliminating surprises later in the design process. It involves multiple construction bids, collaboration with interior designers, and engagement with local artisans.  


Throughout this journey, you will stay well-informed with weekly progress updates and have the support of a dedicated team, including a design manager, pre-construction manager, and project manager, to guide you every step of the way.   


The Signature Service 

 If you want a home like no other, you need a design service like no other. The Signature Service offers a dedicated approach, ensuring meticulous attention to every facet of your home.  


This level of commitment is essential to unlock a project's utmost potential in certain cases, guaranteeing the highest quality and accountability. With this service, you have access to a team of professionals solely devoted to your project and bringing your vision to life. This dedicated team will always stay a step ahead, providing you with top-tier services, including a virtual reality design walk-through and monthly aerial photo updates to keep you informed about construction progress.  




Seeking to buy a lot or a home in Las Catalinas? Allow our Residential Sales team to assist you. They truly are experts in the available properties, providing tailored guidance on floor plans, what will work for your family, and more. Schedule a one-on-one call today to get started.