Saturday May 25, 2024.

Regenerative Agriculture: Harvesting Honey at Finca La Estancia’s Apiary 


Located just two minutes from Las Catalinas, Finca La Estancia offers visitors an immersive Costa Rica farm experience. The honey from the farm is a real treat, and this video explains a little more about the honey harvesting process.




Behind the farm’s plant nursery, twenty meticulously managed bee boxes create a haven for these industrious creatures. Here, bees thrive as native pollinators, contributing to the flourishing flora and preserving the ecosystem's delicate balance. 


Screen Shot 2024-05-25 at 08.17.41


This charming, sustainable farm is pivotal in advancing town’s sustainability endeavors while offering recreational activities. Finca la Estancia contributes to a closed-loop food system, fostering the community’s access to sources of organic produce, and providing an exceptional plant nursery and plant services, while actively supporting a range of local community projects. 


Support Finca La Estancia’s initiatives by purchasing their honey, produced by these dedicated pollinators, organic eggs, or dropping by for a visit. Simply reach out to the town’s concierge to reserve.