Saturday February 17, 2024.

Gear Up: Las Catalinas is Set to Host XTERRA Triathlon in 2024 


Las Catalinas welcomes XTERRA back to Costa Rica after a decade in August 24th and 25th. As athletes gear up for the challenge, there is no denying that town, with the calm ocean waters of Playa Danta to the purpose-built mountain biking trails that weave into the forest hills and along the cliffs above the Pacific Ocean serves as the perfect backdrop for such a prestigious event.  


XTERRA Triathlon Activities for 2024 




The Full Distance Triathlon at XTERRA Costa Rica provides a fantastic opportunity to experience the XTERRA off-road triathlon format, combining a 1.6K open-water swim, 30K MTB and a 10K Trail Run. 


The Sprint Triathlon at XTERRA Costa Rica is a race of 750 meters of swimming, 20 kilometers of mountain biking and 5 kilometers of running through spectacular and challenging trails. Athletes can compete in the race as a team or individually. This race is ideal for those new to triathlon and for people looking for a less demanding XTERRA experience. 


XTERRA Costa Rica Run Kids provides the perfect opportunity for the future XTERRA stars to shine and grow in a car-free town. Let kids experience the joy of trail sports in a safe and supportive environment where fun is the main objective.  


The Trail Half Marathon course offers a chance to qualify for the XTERRA Trail Run World Championship. XTERRA Costa Rica Trail Marathon is the ultimate distance for experienced runners in love with endurance trail running across any terrain or mountain. Compete for the satisfaction of conquering the trail and earning your championship slot. 


The trail run is an incredible 15.5-kilometer racecourse is open to runners who want to challenge themselves while being immersed in nature. 


Check out the full list of activities. 


With over $7500 in prize money at stake, there are plenty of incentives to participate in the event. Last-minute tickets are still available, so do not miss out. Check out the course maps and event schedule here.