Friday February 23, 2024.

 The Chef's Table: The Culinary Experience that Town was Missing 


Last week, Chef Federico Lizano from Ponciana Restaurant extended a special invite to a sneak peek of their latest culinary experience - The Chef's Table. This is an intimate affair for no more than eight people where every dish is prepared before your eyes. Guests are front and center as the culinary team prepares their magic, taking in the sights and aromas while interacting with the chef. 


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The Chef’s Table menu will evolve based on seasonal availability, always keeping guests on their toes with new surprises, but continuously offering a seven-course dining experience. Each dish offers a symphony of flavors designed to combine ingredients at a molecular level, a delightful detail we will not spoil, but Chef, hats off to you.


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Utilizing a range of techniques, the culinary team builds each dish in full view, complementing the next. Each course is expertly paired with a distinctive selection of wines, elevating the entire dining experience to unforgettable heights. 




Ponciana's offering had nothing to envy any world-renowned fine dining experience and we constantly had to remind ourselves that we were still in Las Catalinas. Ponciana had managed to transport us elsewhere with their impeccable service, attention to detail, and innovative approach to local cuisine. 


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Keep an eye out for updates regarding the availability of The Chef’s Table. Definitely a must-try experience while in Guanacaste.