Friday February 16, 2024.

Fast-Paced Developments: Las Catalinas Real Estate Updates 


Las Catalinas is buzzing with activity as the market remains high and visitors flock to the Guanacaste area during this summer season. Construction is now underway on several lots for new homes, marking an exciting development phase for El Prado. El Prado's first condo and Parque Central are also in progress, adding to the anticipation.  


With the high season in full swing, sales have seen a noticeable uptick, reflecting the growing interest in the community. Montaña Flats are slated to begin construction in November, while the Lantana Residences are gearing up to start construction on March 3rd, with three units sold in the past sixty days alone. The thirty-six new condos under a million that recently became available are already half sold in the same timeframe, signaling robust demand.  


As Las Catalinas continues to evolve and expand, it remains an attractive destination for homeowners and investors alike. Reach out to the Residential Sales Team if you have any questions or would like to book a virtual call.