Friday April 19, 2024.

Latest Updates on Driver's License Validity in Costa Rica


The Costa Rican Legislature has just given its approval, during the second round of debates, for a pivotal amendment to Article 91 of the Transit Law. This change introduces key benefits primarily Las Catalinas residents and visitors with foreign driver’s licenses.


Soon, individuals applying for residency can use their existing driver’s licenses throughout the application process, alongside foreign diplomats, consular officials, and accredited international organization members and tourists can drive across the country for the duration of their tourist visa. This eliminates the need for inconvenient border runs during your 180-day tourist visa or residency application process. This law is set to go into effect by early May.


Residents are eligible for a Costa Rican driver’s license once they meet certain criteria, including holding a valid license and proving their legal or pending legal immigration status. 


Keep an eye out for the latest developments on this groundbreaking amendment.