The Daily. Tuesday, October 9th, 2018

October 9, 2018

The sun is out and seems here to stay today, bringing with it calm, warm air in the high 70s and excellent conditions to get out into the bay. It’s a return to form for rainy season days, with bright, warm mornings and cool rainy afternoons.

There is something beautiful about the rains in Las Catalinas. These past few days I often found myself sitting in Limonada as the heavens opened up, with all manner of different people gathered under the canopy to stay dry, and I was reminded of the Danish concept of hygge. It’s a cultural idea, much like our Pura Vida, and it represents coziness, warmth, togetherness, and community, especially when it’s dark outside or the weather is rough.

We may not have snows and long winters like they do up in Copenhagen, but I think that sitting together under the roof at Limonada with the cool breeze of the rain and the warmth of good food and good people is just about as hygge as you can get!