The Daily. Thursday, March 14th, 2019.

March 14, 2019

In this Daily — Circus Night and Flavors of Nicoya

A warm and breezy day today as we approach the weekend, with a delightful evening ahead of us as we look at some interesting activities

A lively evening as we wind down the week, with three activities we’ve been looking forward to. First, this afternoon will feature the cooking session: Mastering the Art of Pic Nic by Chef Gilberto, which should be an informative and exciting appetizer to tonight’s Flavors of Nicoya: Bites in the Beachfront. We’ve touched on both of these events before, and both should be an excellent way to add some flavor and fun to the day.

And finally, to add an exclamation point to the evening Circus Night is back in town! It’ll be a fun night of food and festivities all taking place in the beachfront by Plaza Danta. See you there