The Daily. Saturday, October 13th, 2018.

October 13, 2018

Today we are having an overcast day, with the sky clearing up as hours pass by.  With all the rain from these past days, the different greens in the mountains and gardens are as intense as they have been this year and there has been enough water for the seasonal creeks on the trails to be formed. It is such a treat be in the trails and see lovely creeks that were not there a few days ago. It’s wonderful how rain here is not cold, which makes swimming (or floating) in the ocean, hiking, going for a bike ride or walking through town when it is raining so enjoyable (wet…but amazing). Temperatures are nice and cool today with an average of high 70s during the day, dropping to low to mid 70s at night, and the sea is warmer than the cool-breezy air. Today’s first low tide will be at 11:24 am, good timing for a scenic walk along the beaches before lunch.