Saturday, May 4th, 2019.

May 4, 2019

In this Daily -- New Exhibit at Liberia Museum

Overcast but still warm today, with a small chance of some light showers in the area. Temperatures will peak in the mid 80s, before settling gently down into the low 80s this evening, which should make it altogether a good day to be outside.

Museo de Guanacaste

It's International Star Wars Day today (May the 4th be with you), and so it's appropriate that we're taking a look at a new exhibit in the Museo de Guanacaste, which features artifacts from a long time ago in a valley far, far away.

The brand new exhibit is titled “Vida y Muerte Del Valle del Jícaro”, and it features a large collection of prehistoric Costa Rican artifacts taken from the Papagayo Peninsula, which highlight many aspects of life and death in ancient Costa Rica.  It's an interesting way to learn about the very unique ways of life that existed here many centuries ago, and part of a broader project to bring a greater understanding of these ancient histories to Costa Rica.

If you're interested in attending the exhibition while you're in Liberia, there are tours of the exhibition from 10am to 6pm Tuesday to Sunday, and you can read more about the Museo de Guanacaste by clicking this link.

Upcoming Event Spotlight

Today's event spotlight focuses on this evening's Sunset Gin & Tonics with Santarena. It'll be a great day to be out and around in town, so what better way to wrap up the evening than with a delightful cocktail and pintxos? If you're interested, you can reach out to concierge via the Las Catalinas App or by sending an email at this link. 

Schedule Highlights

- Sunset Gin & Tonics @ Santarena: 5pm

- Brunch @ Ponciana: 10am

- Un Paseo Por España @ Beach Club: 6pm