Tuesday, May 28th, 2019.

In this Daily -- The Creeks and Springs

Las Catalinas Trails

The trails have been changing by the day during the past week. Each rain helps clear out the dust and loose rocks of dry season, packing the trails and making for a smoother trip. The added water saturating the ground has almost meant that the first little creeks and streams have started to flow. They're only active during the rainstorms right now, but as the ground collects moisture expect to hear the sound of running water returning to the trails.

Trails Las Catalinas

Another change to the landscape is the arrival of the forest springs. When the underground reservoirs fill, water begins to bubble up through the ground, creating natural pools fed only by rainwater.

If you're in town right now, it's worth taking a short daily walk onto the trails to see what's new.

Costa Rican Mangrove