The Daily. Sunday, March 31st, 2019.

March 31, 2019

In this Daily -- The Week Ahead

Great conditions for this evening's Sunset Trailblazers hike, with perfect visibility of the sunset, a cool breeze from offshore, and some milder temperatures. The sunsets this past few weeks have been particularly beautiful, with clear air creating some nearly bichromatic meetings of orange and bright blue. Hoping for similar this evening.

Keeping an eye on the week ahead today, we've got a few big events worth mentioning. To start, Tuesday's Alma Viajera at the Beach Club will be Native Terroir, focusing on the cuisine of Costa Rica's natural habitats found nowhere else in the world. Then, this week will see a Ukelele Lesson on Thursday, all leading up to this week's Hot Ticket, which will be Sunday's brunch (which just keep getting better)!

Other than that, we're entering the last month of summer. Expect sunny temperatures and dry, warm air throughout, with the end of the month bringing the first hints of the upcoming green season. Always an exciting time, as we'll be able to see the whole of town and the surrounding areas filling back with greenery and life as the rains return.


However, even in the warmest parts of the dry season there's a wild world all around us. Today down by the beach the caña fístulas were in bloom, and a couple of days ago we had an unexpected guest up on the trails! Keep an eye out for these day time ramblers if you're out wandering in the woods.

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