Saturday, June 8th, 2019.

June 8, 2019

In this Daily -- World Oceans Day

Today is World Oceans Day. A day to celebrate the world's largest ecosystem. The ocean is a huge part of life in Costa Rica. Here, we have a love for sailing, fishing, surfing, scuba diving, paddle board, open water swim, that unites locals and visitors alike.

The ocean also has a special place in the lives and the memories of people around Las Catalinas. In homage to that, we've compiled a list of what the ocean means to them.

Aerial of Las Catalinas

What Does The Ocean Mean To You?

"Growing up steps away from the water on the coast of BC, I was therefore given the luxury of harvesting all the amazing benefits the ocean has to offer without truly understanding what they meant or where they came from. Spending the summer days playing in it, the winters clam digging and crabbing -- the ocean was part of my life all year long. The seafood of the ocean fed our family, the seaweed gave nutrients to our gardens and the activities that it offered brought us together. A clean ocean is a healthy ocean. I hope my daughter will have the chance to experience the same benefits that I did growing up." -Demian Geneau


Beach Club Las Catalinas

"The ocean is a playground to our bodies and souls. Here it gives us a sense of place, and that is what we thrive to enhance in the personality of each home we design."-Andrina Fonseca 


From The Chef

"Man, I’ve been working from the hills in Patagonia to the mountains in Sweden and this is the first time that I’m surrounded by the beautiful, blue, and calm ocean. Therefore, it’s the first time I have the possibility to work in collaboration with local fisherman to learn and understand how the ocean has an impact on their lives. We as a cook are nothing if we don’t have high quality products to work with, so this is one of the reasons why the ocean is important to me."- Gilberto Briceño


"Thank God for the oceans! We all depend on the sea, even if we live far away from it. The oceans play a key role in controlling the climate, releasing more oxygen into the atmosphere than all forests around the world combined. The oceans provide people with inspiration, food, jobs and therefore income through their fruits and tourism. They play a fundamental role in the social, economic and environmental balance of all countries in the world. I is fair to say that the oceans are the basis of life on Earth"- Michael Garcia



"For us the Ocean is our playground! Pura Vida Ride was the first stand-up paddle board shop in Cost Rica when we opened 8 years ago, and the ocean is where we love to play."- Jake Jacobs

"The ocean is an eternal source of energy. It fosters peace, conscience, and above all a tender curiosity that inspires my creativity. Furthermore, I respect and care for the ocean and in return it brings me joy. The ocean holds an important place in my cooking as it provides me with incredible fresh products and inspiration for my dishes. Because of this, I strive to use only fresh products that do not alter ecosystems. I do not approve of trawling or any external agent that may cause damage. We are sons and daughters of the earth and the ocean. This philosophy is at the core of Ponciana."- Saul Umaña


Golden Trevally Juvenille

From Our Founder

"The ocean is many things to me, of course.  A thing of beauty, a place of mystery, a place for recreation. But the top of my list is that the ocean is the source of life!  And the home the vast majority of life. I really love snorkeling, and the density of life that you can see underwater is just amazing. On land in an hour-long hike you'll see some animals, but underwater you will see so much more! You can easily find yourself surrounded by dozens or hundreds of pretty big fish.  And see dozens or hundreds of species in a single swim.  My very favorite animal in the waters off Las Catalinas is a very small one. The juvenile golden trevally. These little fish have followed me on my swims many times, right in the slipstream of my hand or even right in front of my mask.  Love those guys!"  - Charles Brewer


"If you are having a tough day, go surfing. It is impossible to be unhappy while riding a wave." - Brian Funcik


Life, Earth, Everything

"To me, the ocean is the reason for it all! The oceans allows for life on earth, control climates worldwide, and connect us all together. Some days it can be the picture of tranquility, and the same waters can cause terrible destruction. The power and versatility of the sea always leaves me in awe. Beyond all of this, the oceans house some of the most beautiful and interesting creatures of this world (even though some seem like they’re from another!) Every time I am in the water, I feel myself connect as a puzzle piece in a whole big picture." - Sarah Travers, ConnectOcean

Take a few moments to check out the World Oceans Day website today.