The Daily. Monday, August 19th, 2019.

August 19, 2019

In this Daily: A Look at Outreach in Guanacaste for World Humanitarian Day

Today is World Humanitarian Day, a holiday observed to highlight the humanitarian works of charitable individuals and organizations all across the world. It’s an opportunity to be reminded of the ways that the members of our community are giving back, and take action ourselves.

ConnectOcean hosts outreach programs for kids, adults, and local workers that focus on personal water safety and protecting the ocean ecosystems that are so vital to life here. Town’s partners like Copper & Stone and Pura Vida Ride sponsor events like charity runs, scholarship programs for local students, and other projects. Homeowners have sponsored events like the La Paz field trip, and give back individually through their work and donations to organizations like the Guanacaste Community Fund, who contribute to almost 50 groups in different areas around Guanacaste. 


The Guanacaste Community Fund

Today we take a chance to look a little closer at the Guanacaste Community Fund, a trust that helps fund many of the different humanitarian organizations around the region. 

The Guanacaste Community Fund was founded in the past decade as the local trust from CRUSA (the Costa Rican-USA Foundation for Cooperation), an international trust designed to make outreach between the two countries simple and easy. The Guanacaste Community Fund doesn’t perform any direct outreach, but serves as a liaison between donors and organizations in need of funding. In their partnerships, they contribute to nearly 50 organizations across Guanacaste in the areas of Health, Education, Environment, and Economic Development, including groups like Abriendo Mentes, Restoring Our Watershed, CEPIA, local cultural and economic associations, water preservation groups like ASADAS, conservation groups like La Guardiana de la Naturaleza, Wildfire Brigades, and more. 

World Humanitarian Day, Guanacaste Community Fund, Abriendo Mentes
For an example of how the Guanacaste Community Fund helps make a difference, take Abriendo Mentes, a local organization working in Potrero and Brasilito to help provide education and enrichment anyone who needs it, regardless of age, gender, or financial background. 

The donations made to the Guanacaste Community Fund work in tandem with other donations to Abriendo Mentes to support the organization in all of its pursuits. Whether providing school supplies to students, supporting teachers of everything from english classes to computer programming, contributing to classroom space for youth, adults, and womens’ programming, or even helping bring the community together around events like open-registration zumba classes, these contributions make a real, tangible impact. 

World Humanitarian Day, Guanacaste Community Fund,

And this is just one example of the many partner organizations to the Guanacaste Community Fund. To see a full list of their partners, or to make a donation to the fund, visit their website. 

There is humanitarian work being done in our region every day, and contributing through the Guanacaste Community Fund is one of the many ways that you can help.