The Daily. Monday, August 12th, 2019.

August 12, 2019

In this Daily: Freediving Course with ConnectOcean and PADI

Starting today and running through the next three weeks, ConnectOcean is partnering with Freediving instructor Jeff Lime to offer PADI’s Basic Freediver and Freediver courses based out of Las Catalinas. Beginning with classroom instruction before transitioning to pool training and eventually testing in open water, these courses offer a general introduction to the sport of  freediving and comfort down to 10m freediving, a skill that is especially valuable in the diverse shallow-water ecosystems around Las Catalinas.
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A Freediving Course in Las Catalinas | An Empowering Sport in Town

Thanks to the shelter of the Islotes Pitahayas as well as Punta Guachipelines and Punta Penca, the waters around Las Catalinas act as a natural sanctuary to shallow-water tropical marine life. There’s a particular gathering of this life among the volcanic rock reefs on the north and south ends of both Playa Danta and Playa Dantita, and skirting the edge of these areas divers can encounter tropical reef fish like the golden trevally, vibrantly colored plant and coral life, and even larger wildlife like sand rays or eagle rays. 

Eagle Ray, Freediving Course, Free Diving Costa Rica

Freediving gives immediate access to this biodiversity in a way that no other skill can, combining the low prep time and equipment needs of snorkeling with the access to depth and longer times under the water of scuba diving. By utilizing the techniques taught in this freediving course, you can explore down to 10 meters, which includes the majority of the seafloor surrounding Las Catalinas, and the ability to encounter this marine life exclusively under your own power. 


A Deeper Look at the Freediving Courses | Curriculum and Instructor

These courses, as well as all future freediving certifications, will be done using the PADI (Professional Association of Diving Instruction) certification standards, beginning with elearning on PADI’s website followed by practical instruction in both pool and open water situations. Thanks to the adaptability of freediving and low equipment requirements, the entirety of these certifications takes place over the course of a two day intensive, in which students learn advanced breath holding techniques, control of basic and dynamic apnea, and a number of safety protocols in pool sessions. 

Open Water Freediving Course, Free Diving, Freediving

Once comfortable in the pool, you move to open water sessions, becoming familiar with the sea, and finally enacting several training scenarios.

Once complete, you’ll be trained to complete a freedive down to 10 meters, which is enough to cover all of the rock reefs that hug the shores as well as the shallow portions of the Islotes Pitahayas. You’ll also be certified to begin PADI’s advanced freediver, opening the opportunities for exploration even further. 

In all, a skill that unlocks new depths of the sea, including the waters around Las Catalinas, under your own power. Keep an eye on ConnectOcean’s Facebook page for future courses, as spots go quickly.