The Daily. Sunday, April 21st, 2019.

April 21, 2019

In this Daily -- Ponciana Lunch, Citizen Science, and the Barrio Barbecue

Clear skies and sun for most of the day today, with a few scattered clouds as we reach late afternoon. It'll be a warm one today, with temperatures in the high 80s throughout, a great time to be out in the water or enjoying Easter Brunch at the Conservatory.

Costa Rican Beach Family

Lots of Easter Celebration going on this week to wrap up Semana Santa, with the Easter Egg Hunt and the Easter Brunch wrapping up a week of family vacations wonderfully. The rhythm of life in town always changes just a bit after a holiday as our visitors in from all around the country make their way back home, but this week should be as lively as ever with a few interesting activities scheduled this week.

The standard fitness and wellness schedule is on, with Casa Chameleon's new activities at full effect throughout the week and the classic HIIT and swimming classes both going on down in town. Restaurant schedules should be standard, with the addition of Lunch at Ponciana in the latter half of the week! After making quite the impact with Ponciana's evening menu, Chef Saul Umaña and team are creating a dedicated lunch menu designed for a light and flavorful meal in the middle of the day. Lunch will be served from 12-3pm, and will be available Wednesday through Saturday.

Also in the culinary world, this Tuesday, Alma Viajera will be venturing back to Spain for "Un Paseo por España", a meal of classic tapas from one of the world's most beautiful regions. And following up Alma Viajera, this Sunday is another Barrio Barbecue, a big beach grill out that takes place on Playa Danta at low tide sunset. A great bunch of delicious meals this week!

Finally, this Sunday will also see a Citizen Science Dive with ConnectOcean, which offers the opportunity to dive in with the ConnectOcean crew and help with their research as they work towards constructing a Marine Protected area around Las Catalinas. The dive offers two groups, one for more beginner divers looking to learn more about Citizen Science, and a second for more advanced divers to help out with laser photogrammetry and the deployment of specialized tracking equipment. Either way, a lively way to get in the water, and a hot ticket among the Las Catalinas diving community.

Upcoming Events

- Un Paseo por España @ Beach Club: 6pm

Wednesday to Saturday
- Lunch @ Ponciana: 12-3pm

- Citizen Science Dive with ConnectOcean (Reach Out for More Details)
- Brunch @ Ponciana: 10am
- The Barrio Barbecue @ Playa Danta: 5:30pm