The Daily. Sunday, April 14th, 2019.

April 14, 2019

In this Daily -- Easter Week Festivities

A bright and sunny morning this morning, with temperatures climbing quickly thanks to some onshore wind from further inland, before leveling off around lunchtime with an ocean breeze. Definitely a good day to swing by Ponciana for brunch before setting out for your afternoon activities.

And speaking of activities, quite a few fun ones leading into Easter Weekend! First off, on Tuesday afternoon there will be a "Make Your Own Easter Card" event at the Beach Club at 3pm, a great way to get prepped for this Sunday and start getting into the spirit of the event. Then, on Thursday, there will be mejenga beach soccer at 4:30pm down on Playa Danta, open to everyone. Mejenga (for those who have not heard the phrase), is a way to describe an informal pickup game, so bring some good humor and a love of the game down to the beach and it'll be a lot of fun!

Then, on Friday at 3pm there will be a futbolin (foosball/table football) tournament up on the second floor of Limonada, an opportunity to crown the Official Unofficial Las Catalinas Futbolin Champion of Q2 2019.

All of this leads into Easter day, which features a pair of fun events to celebrate the occasion. First, there will be an Easter Egg Hunt on Playa Danta, starting from out front of Limonada and stretching far and wide in search of colorful decorated eggs hidden by a giant rabbit. It's a tremendously fun event, especially for the younger ones, and leads into a special edition of Brunch, which will take place on Sunday in the Conservatory at 10am.

Altogether, a lot of lively events and an excellent way to celebrate Semana Santa!

Upcoming Events

Tuesday Night
- Easter Egg Card Making @ Beach Club: 3pm
- Prehispanic Dinner @ Beach Club: 6pm

- Mejenga Beach Soccer @ Playa Danta: 4:30pm

- Futbolin Tournament @ Limonada: 3pm

- Easter Egg Hunt @ Limonada: 9am
- Easter Brunch @ Conservatory: 10am