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Videos: Sharing the vision of Las Catalinas

By 25 August, 2010 No Comments
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This spring, John Paget & Chris Elisara, of First and Main Media, produced the pilot episode for a series entitled American Makeover. The pilot focused on Atlanta (or Sprawlanta, as it was described), and  Glenwood Park in particular.

I had a chance to connect with Chris and John at the CNU in Atlanta, and they offered to help us bring the vision of Las Catalinas to life through video. They finished the first video some time ago, and just completed the second and third.

Charles wrote and narrated all three, beginning with his vision for a day in Las Catalinas’ not so distant future, then describing the land, culture, and climate of Costa Rica and the Guanacaste Region, and closing with a more detailed description of the town and homes now under development in Las Catalinas.

– Geoff Graham

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