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One of the major talks in town is that of seasonality. We are close to finishing up the deep green season and starting to flirt with the idea of summer coming. At the grocery stores, we are starting to see “Fun in the Sun” advertisements for sun tan lotions and low calorie beers. Summer is very close!

That change in seasons has been highlighted by the return of many homeowners, and new long term residents. Las Catalinas is the perfect place to be at right now. The timelessly tropical design of the homes here offer private interior spaces, and covered outdoor spaces. Just outside of your door, we have access to nature, immense beauty and community.

It feels really great here right now, and if you are reading this…you should plan a visit. For the next couple of weeks, we will use this blog to help you Daily readers to get caught up on things in town but you should really come down and see for yourself.

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