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The Daily, Rain from Nate, and More

By 16 October, 2017 No Comments
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(Note: this update was sent to LC newsletter supscribers on Oct. 13)

Dear Friend of Las Catalinas,

I have news on the following topics for you today:

  • The Daily – our new daily publication
  • Tropical Storm Nate
  • Completion of Plaza Carlota
  • Pura Vida Ride expansion and new sales offices at Plaza Danta

The Daily – We have established a daily email report for those (like me!) who want to keep up with the daily events at Las Catalinas.  We have had it up and running for a couple of weeks now and I love it and I bet you will too!  You can sign up for it by clicking here, where you will have the option to sign up for The Daily, or blog post updates (other than The Daily), or both.

Tropical Storm Nate – Last week Costa Rica suffered some serious flooding related to tropical storm Nate.  High winds were not an issue, as the storm itself never entered Costa Rica, but there was lots of rain. Guanacaste had already been receiving plenty of rain, with many rivers already at historic highs.  Nate brought an additional 20+inches of rain over a few days.

Local communities in Guanacaste were impacted with severe flooding, and much of the country’s infrastructure (roads, bridges, and electrical) was damaged.  Many of our friends and neighbors and employees have been receiving assistance from Las Catalinas and members of the Las Catalinas Trust(our property owner’s association).  These thoughtful gifts have been very important, as it will take the work of many to rebuild in some areas.  Las Catalinas is working with Amigos of Costa Rica, a non-profit organization, which has created a web page to receive donations to help those in need.  100% of these donations go directly to the Red Cross in Costa Rica which is working throughout the country and is present in the hardest-hit areas.


Las Catalinas itself was fortunate to suffer little damage.  We have well designed storm water systems in place, and we had a hardworking team to troubleshoot throughout the event.  We did have some failures and learned some lessons, but Las Catalinas is fully up and running.

September’s weather events also have reminded us all how fortunate we are to be located in a beautiful tropical place that is NOT subject to devastating hurricane winds.  For that we are thankful indeed.

Plaza Carlota Completion – We have for some weeks been delivering to their buyers, two by two, the completed flats at Plaza Carlota (designed by Michael Imber & Associates).  These deliveries are a real highlight of our work at Las Catalinas, a happy occasion for all concerned.  We are thrilled to welcome our new owners, and excited to have this great new addition to our town.

Pura Vida Ride Expansion and New Sales Offices – Pura Vida Ride has grown, with a new dedicated bike shop, surely one of the best in Costa Rica, occupying the new space.  What a great asset for our town Pura Vida Ride is!  Immediately next door to PVR is a graceful new building designed by Sara Bega which is the new home of our sales office.  It is a dramatic upgrade to the temporary building we have used for years as our sales office, and we invite you to come and see.

It’s time for planning your winter vacation.  If you don’t have your next trip to Las Catalinas on your calendar yet, please contact us today.  We look forward to welcoming you soon!

Best Regards,

Charles Brewer
Managing Partner, Las Catalinas

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