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In this Daily — Sunday Brunch at the Conservatory

A warm and sunny day today with some scattered clouds throughout and an on and off breeze all throughout town. It’ll be an excellent morning to be out on the trails, and a great afternoon to be out in the cove.

Taking a deeper look at Sunday’s first Conservatory Brunch, which will be the first of its kind at Las Catalinas and a lively event that’s sure to become a town staple. The peaceful Sunday is a way of life around town, a time of rest, rejuvenation, and connection to wrap up the liveliness of the weekend and look ahead at the excitement of the coming week, and the age-old tradition of Sunday brunch fits into this rhythm just about perfectly. Whether it’s after a morning service, a delicious cup of coffee in the early breeze, a trip out into the waves, a cruise along the trails, or after delightfully late sleep, heading out to enjoy a tasty and satisfying meal with family and friends is hard to beat, especially considering Ponciana Head Chef  Saul Umaña will be Brunch Master. Limited spots will be available, so reach out through the Las Catalinas App or to Concierge to book.

Before this Sunday though, keep an eye out for “Un Paseo Por Andalucia”, another edition of Alma Viajera Pop-Ups taking place tomorrow night at 7pm in the Beach Club. Capturing the feeling of a stroll along the Mediterranean coast at sunset with some delicious tapas, it’ll be a great way to add some Andalusian flavor and flair to your Tuesday evening.

Lots going on this week, so make sure to keep an eye out.

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