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By 25 August, 2010 3 Comments
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We are extremely fortunate to have two exceptionally high quality private schools located very close to Las Catalinas. Just down the road in Flamingo is the La Paz Community School.   La Paz is only three years old – but it’s success and growth so far is astounding!   The school is non-profit, targets a mix of local Costa Rican and expat families, is completely bi-lingual (Spanish and English), and has a strong emphasis on community service and parental involvement.   I have had the good fortune to get to know some of the founders and to visit the school a few times.   La Paz is truly an inspirational place, and an inspirational story.   What a great asset for our community!

Just a few minutes farther down the road is the well-established Country Day School of Guanacaste.   Country Day is an English language school, following a traditional college preparatory curriculum.   It was established in San Jose in 1963 and the Guanacaste campus opened in the year 2000.   I know a couple of families whose children have attended, and they have had very good experiences.

There are some other smaller schools nearby as well.   I’ve heard the stories of several families with children who have move to the area around Las Catalinas from the US and other countries.   They are all very positive, and have one thing in common.   The children never want to go back – they want to stay!

One of my most dearly-held objectives for Las Catalinas is that it will be a place where children can thrive and enjoy their freedom.   This applies for full-time residents and visitors alike.   Children in areas nearby Las Catalinas already enjoy much more freedom than what is typical in the states – I think that is the biggest reason they seem to love it here.   At Las Catalinas it will be even more so – by far.   A beautiful, safe, interesting, walkable environment with lots to do and explore – that’s what we will have.   And I for one look forward to growing old watching the children of the future thriving in it.

– Charles

PS – Longer term we hope to have a school located *in* Las Catalinas.

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