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The Las Catalinas Yearly Forecast — A Look at Las Pintas

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After our Daily on Las Pintas — the old Costa Rican tradition which dictates that, according to legend, the first 19 days of the year determine the weather for the year — we decided to take a look at the weather throughout the first 19 days of January and determine exactly how the weather will go for the next 12 months. So without further adieu, here is the official Las Catalinas Yearly Forecast.

January — Warm, Breezy, and Crisp Air. Highs in the mid 80s, but mornings much clearer with temperatures in the mid 70s in the evening. A steady breeze from the east. Jan 1st/Jan 13th AM/ Jan 19th 6-7am.

February — Still warm and breezy, but projected to be a bit more humid. The rains aren’t back yet for a while, but the increased moisture in the air brings with it scattered clouds and the potential of a shower or two throughout the month. Temperatures throughout the day a bit higher than January. Jan 2nd/Jan 13th PM/ Jan 19th 7-8am.

March — Expect the wind to waver a bit this month, but still come in strong. Still clear and sunny, with temperatures a bit warmer in the mornings but more cloud cover arriving towards the end of the month.  Jan 3rd/Jan 14th AM/ Jan 19th 8-9am.

April — Warmer mornings and some slightly warmer evenings with a faltering breeze, still strong and mostly steady out of the east, but with a few dips in the wind. Expect these trends to continue as the month goes on, with much more cloud cover and some rain appearing this month. Jan 4th/Jan 14th PM/ Jan 19th 9-10am.

May — Much more consistent temperatures here, with highs in the mid 80s and some warmer mornings, along with a lighter breeze and the continuing increase of cloud cover. Still not a ton of moisture in the air which bodes well for good weather throughout most of May, beckoning in the arrival of green season. Jan 5th/Jan 15th AM/ Jan 19th 10-11am.

June — Milder temperatures with more cloud cover, but still sunny throughout the day. The cool mornings will mostly fade by this month, replaced by milder and more steady temperatures during the day, coinciding with the arrival of even more cloud cover. The rains should really be starting around this point, but the better part of our days will still be sunny based on Las Pintas. Jan 6th/Jan 15th PM/ Jan 19th 11am-12pm.

July — Despite being in the center of rainy season, expect a relatively clear July this year. Doesn’t mean that there won’t be rain, but Las Pintas were clear that this month would be sunny and pleasant throughout the day. Jan 7th/Jan 16th AM/ Jan 19th 12-1pm.

August — Cooler temperatures with some heavier cloud cover this month, a contrast to the sunny July we’re set to have. A bit more expected for the green season, with more of a balance between rain and sun, and plenty of good weather through both clear skies and precipitation. Jan 8th/Jan 16th PM/ Jan 19th 1-2pm.

September — Expect on and off sun throughout the month of September, with temperatures firmly in the low to mid 80s throughout the day, with very light winds and a bit heavier surf. Cloud cover will be steady throughout most of the month, with rain on and off, and with some pleasant shade throughout the day. Jan 9th/Jan 17th AM/ Jan 19th 2-3pm.

October — The breeze will pick up a bit more coming into this month with some heavier cloud cover, moderate temperatures, and some definite chance for rain. Still expecting lots of sun this month though, a staple throughout the year in Las Catalinas and Guanacaste in general. Jan 10th/Jan 17th PM/ Jan 19th 3-4pm.

November — The falling off of the rainy season hits this month, coming a bit earlier than usual it looks like based on the ever-present sun throughout November’s Las Pintas days. After falling off for the summer months, the wind should start to arrive again — not as strong as during December, January, and February, but slowly picking up and bringing with it the return of the cooler mornings and crisp air. Jan 11th/Jan 18th AM/ Jan 19th 4-5pm.

December — Excellent weather in December, with moderate temperatures, the full on return of the sun with a bit of cloud cover to keep the heat manageable, and the strong breeze from the east — the arrival of the trade winds — bringing back temperatures in the mid 70s for the mornings and evenings, and some of the best weather of the year to wrap up 2019. Jan 12th/Jan 18th AM/ Jan 19th 5-6pm.

For a better visualization, take a look at the conditions on Saturday the 19th, in which each month of the year is represented by an hour. Based on historical data, and accounting for a few points of temperature difference, Las Pintas was scarily accurate.

Enjoy 2019!

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