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Las Catalinas State of the Union, August 2014

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(Note: this message was sent to our mailing list on August 29. Sorry for the delay posting it here!)

Las Catalinas roofs at evening (600x423)

Dear Friend of Las Catalinas,

As we wind up another season at Las Catalinas, it is time to update you on what is happening in our young town. Vacations in Las Catalinas were a rollicking success this season. And the future is looking great!

We have had record months for visitors this summer.  It seems word is getting out about how wonderful the summer months are here and so vacations in Las Catalinas are on the rise!  With predictably sunny mornings, cool onshore breezes in the afternoon, great water visibility and vibrant vegetation, it really is a paradise.  Our summer percentage occupancy is up by a double digit amount this year vs. last year. Even with more homes available this season. I see this trend continuing…

Construction Rolling On Towards Completion

The Flats on Avenida La Antigua are finished! Their new owners are in and ready!  The happiness and excitement of the new owners is extraordinary and extremely gratifying for me to witness. The building has turned out so well, and so much better than any rendering could have shown. Thanks to our architect Ricardo Arosemena of Arosemena & Soundy Arquitectos for a beautiful and intelligent design.

Thanks to our team at Las Catalinas who have managed the construction, interior design and furnishing, and the entire customer experience so extraordinarily well.  And of course, special thanks to our new flats owners who will bring the building to life and add so much to our community. This is so exciting! Welcome!

We have two new flats buildings on the way both designed by renowned architects. The Flats on Plaza Carlotta, designed by Michael G. Imber, Architects, are being unveiled to customers this week.  The Flats on Plaza Central, designed by Robert Orr & Associates, will be coming soon.   We are giving the first opportunity to purchase these new flats to people who have already expressed their interests to us.

If you are interested in learning more about these flats, we’re interested in hearing from you! Please contact our sales team. You can email them at

But That’s Not All!

27 Paseo del Mar is finished. A beautiful beachfront home designed by the prominent Costa Rican architect Abraham Valenzuela. Congratulations and thanks to Abraham, the homeowners, and the rest of our team!

Six new homes on Calle la Ronda will finish up before the year’s end. The first four have sold and we imagine that the next two will go soon.

#10 Calle la Ronda was designed by Michael Imber, and really celebrates open air living.

#12 Calle la Ronda was designed by Neil Hoyt, who took great advantage of the spectacular ocean views.

Please let our sales team know if you are interested in these fine homes.

Future Plans!

We have not yet begun construction of the Beach Club or the rest of Beach Town South. This is due to an issue with tree cutting permits. A series of intra-governmental disagreements have shut down the normal permitting process in Costa Rica for several months. As a result, things have stalled. This should be resolved soon. And in plenty of time for next year’s vacations in Las Catalinas.

The designs for the Beach Club by Arosemena & Soundy Arquitectos are ready. We have obtained a building permit. We even have a menu designed for the restaurant! Construction of the Beach Club will take about six months from the moment we get a green light. We are all anxious to be swimming there soon!

The Las Catalinas Trail System continues to grow with the addition of Ruta Secreto. By adding this additional 7km stretch of trail we will have an outer loop of 20km and a total of 34km of trail. Due to this, we are becoming known as a major destination for active, outdoor enthusiasts. Vacations in Las Catalinas are definitely for hiking, trail running, and mountain biking!

Las Catalinas is looking for entrepreneurs and shopkeepers to operate additional retail businesses in our town. We survey each departing guest to see what amenities they would like to see.   The results are in and high on the list: a gourmet food store and an apparel store. Las Catalinas is finally on its way to being a substantial town. If you might be interested in owning or operating a business at Las Catalinas, please let us know by writing to

Building Something Special

I notice that most of this update is about new things and people coming to our town. Each one of them is exciting and makes Las Catalinas better. That is one of the great things about building a place that is about inclusivity and community. Every new addition that is in keeping with the values and purpose of the place makes it better!

Thanks for your interest in and support of Las Catalinas.


Charles Brewer
Managing Partner, Las Catalinas

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