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Enjoy the Guanacaste Nights In The Heart of Winter (Sort of)

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It’s that time of year again in Las Catalinas. While enjoying the beautiful days and luxurious Guanacaste nights, residents of town get versions of the same question asked over and over again from friends and family.

“So, how’s the winter treating you down there?”

Well, what do you think?

Guanacaste nights

The Guanacaste Winter

In case you couldn’t tell from the photo, pretty great! It’s actually in the middle of summer in Guanacaste. This is the time where the dry season spells sun pretty much all day long. And those Guanacaste nights are cool and tropical. Of course, being close to the coast has its benefits as well.

It means that you’re never too far from a refreshing dip in the ocean either! Your friends up north will be jealous. But more on the frigid north later!


The low temperature this month in Las Catalinas has been a “frigid” 73 degrees Fahrenheit. Not too bad for February! Average day temperatures hover around a pleasant 84 degrees. There’s no precipitation in sight, and a warm northeasterly breeze coming off the land to helps keep it cool and manageable.

Which is not to say there’sĀ neverĀ any precipitation, of course. The occasional dose of liquid sunshine is always possible. However, it is also not unusual for the dry season to bring several months of rain-free sun and relaxation.

The Perfect Time For a Visit

It’s no wonder you see so many guests visiting this time of year from the frigid north, and it seems like Boston Magazine has caught on to the secret as well!

As the US shakes off the effects of the polar vortex that hit recently, the Bostonians released their Costa Rica Travel Guide, with Las Catalinas and Santarena front and center.

Stay warm, and with Santarena’s opening in mind, make sure to Stay Light!


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