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Have you ever sat near a busy, open kitchen and overheard the back-of-house team and wondered what the heck they were talking about?  One of the more prominent voices you may here is that of the expeditor.  This person monitors the scheduling and quality of the dishes, such as the appropriate temperature, texture, and presentation, and orchestrates the stations behind the line in concert.

We have a soon to be announced construction project ongoing right now.  The architect and design team were here on site this week checking on the progress.  When we went through the kitchen, I got this photo of the pass.  This is the window the expeditor will work through.  Plate after plate.  Building each table out with the well timed work of each station, knowing the team, dishes, and timing of every menu item.

It was an exciting moment to see in this building.  I could hear the pots and plates banging around and the simmering chatter between colleagues in this soon to be beautiful kitchen.  May not look like much now, but it will be alive and bustling soon.

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