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Mamón Chino, Fruits of Costa Rica, Costa Rica Fruits

In this Daily: Carambola, Rambutan, and Maracuyá Are All In Season

Throughout the year in Costa Rica, different fruits and vegetables throughout the country come into season, offering a colorful variety to meals and snacks. 

Right now, there are three iconic Costa Rican fruits that are in season, and available to try right here in Las Catalinas. They are the Mamon Chino (Rambutan), the Maracuya (Passion Fruit), and Carambola (Starfruit). 

Mamón Chino (Rambutan)

Mamón Chino, Fruit of Costa Rica,

Mamón Chino on the Tree | PC: Commons

Mamón Chino, Fruits of Costa Rica, Costa Rica Fruits

Inside a Mamón Chino | PC: Commons

About: The Mamón Chino is a relative of the lychee, sometimes known as the Rambutan. Notable for their vibrantly colored skin, which can range from green to red-orange to vibrant orang, and their “hairy” exterior, these plants can be found on many street-side stands throughout Costa Rica when they are in season. 

The interior of these plants is much like a plum, with a large pit on the inside. Due to its sweet and very slightly tangy flavor, the Mamón Chino is commonly eaten alone as a snack or a dessert, or included in a fruit salad.

Season: Trees begin to fruit in July and continue to produce through October

Where You Can Find It: Copper & Stone Gourmet Grocery currently has a stock of fresh Mamón Chino in their produce section

Maracuya (Passion Fruit)

Unripe Maracuyá on the Tree | PC: Commons

Maracuyá, Passion Fruit, Fruits of Costa Rica

A Bundle of Maracuyá | PC: Commons

About: Maracuyá is one of the two Costa Rican varieties of passion fruit, along with the granadilla. The seeds and flesh on the inside are the edible portion of this fruit, which have a rich tart flavor. 

Season: Maracuyá is available throughout the year, but peak in production and freshness during rainier seasons (August-December and March-May). 

Where You Can Find It: Limonada uses fresh maracuyá in their spicy passion fruit margarita, which blends the tartness of the maracuyá with jalapeño in a light but strongly flavored cocktail that works as a complement to a meal or on its own. 

Carambola (Starfruit)

Fruit of Costa Rica, Carambola, Starfruit

Carambola on the Tree, Carambola Cut into Pieces | PC: Commons

About: The carambola, or star fruit, is so known due to its distinctive ridged shape, which looks like a star when cut into cross sections. Their texture is crisp and crunchy, trending towards that of a juicy kiwi as they become very ripe. Carambolas have a sweet and slightly tart flavor that resembles pears, apples, and grapes, and are popular as a snack, a part of a fruit salad, or turned into frescos and other smoothies.

Season: Carambolas grow throughout the year, but fruit prominently with the arrival of the rainy season in September and October. 

Where You Can Find It: Cuatro Calle La Ronda offers a carambola variation of their homemade sodas, Copper & Stone Gourmet stocks the fruit in their produce section, and there are also trees in town that produce fresh fruit when the time is right.

Try Them at Home

All three of these fruits can be found around town as part of juices, cocktails, or snacks, as well as on the shelves at Copper & Stone. Upon request, the chefs at Bahía group can also integrate these and other seasonal fruits into in-home dinners.

Reach out to concierge to organize an in-home dinner or have these seasonal fruits delivered and waiting when you get home, perfect to try in a fruit salad, a smoothie, a complement to a meal, a dessert, or simply as a fresh fruit snack. 

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