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Off Road Triathlon, Costa Rica Triathlon, Las Catalinas Triathlon

In this Daily: Registration for the Las Catalinas TRI Opens in a Week

With the Paddle Battle and the Intrepid Challenge past, the next major sporting event on the horizon is town’s triathlon, fast approaching on February 8th, 2020. 

The Las Catalinas Triathlon is Guanacaste’s premier off road triathlon, and covers over 40 km of town’s trails, beaches, waterfront, and walkable streets. El TRI started in 2013 with 160 competitors, and in the ensuing years the event has grown to host over 400 racers who work solo or in teams to race across all that town and the surrounding environment have to offer. 

It’s a lively time to be in town, and an experience for the whole family. The walkable town, sea, and trails of Las Catalinas invite everyone to explore and pursue outdoor activities like mountain biking, kayak and stand up paddle, trail running and hikes, beachfront yoga, and more. 

Throughout the weekend athletes can train and race, families can offer support and cheer on TRI day, and then everyone can come together to celebrate at the end of the weekend.

For those who are familiar with town and el TRI, the Las Catalinas Triathlon 2020 will offer the return of a favorite town tradition. For first time competitors and visitors to town, this long running town event is a chance to embrace the love of sports, the beauty of nature, and the friendly people that define Las Catalinas. 

Off Road Triathlon, Costa Rica Triathlon, Las Catalinas Triathlon

The open water swim, the first section of the Las Catalinas TRI

The Las Catalinas Triathlon 2020

Registration will open soon for the Las Catalinas Triathlon 2020. As the event gets closer, more information will arrive through the TRI Facebook and Instagram, but as of now we have a few things confirmed. The swim, bike, and run will be of similar distances (1600 m, 25 km, 8 km), team relays will be welcome as they have been all years, and the date is confirmed for February 8th, 2020. 

To help with planning your trip for the Triathlon, both the Las Catalinas Collection and the Santarena Hotel have special packages for the weekend. 

At Santarena, the Santarena’s Triathlon Weekend package offers a special rate on double rooms for 2 nights during TRI weekend, to stay just steps away from the starting line. Santarena also offers their TRI Weekend Meal Package, where 2 guests can stay for 2 nights with breakfast, lunch, and dinner included.

Off Road Triathlon, Costa Rica Triathlon, Las Catalinas Triathlon

Mountain biking on the world class trails around town, the second phase of the Las Catalinas TRI

At the vacation rentals of the Las Catalinas Collection, the Home Base in Town package features 2 nights in the 2 bedroom flats for 4 in the heart of town. 

Whether with the Las Catalinas Collection or the Santarena Hotel, the best way to enjoy el TRI is staying in town. The gourmet grocery and all of town’s restaurants are just steps away. Both Wake Day Spa, with pre- and post- exercise treatments, as well as the Beach Club, with lap pool and fitness facility, are never further than a brief walk. On TRI day, staying in town removes any travel complications, leaving visitors to focus on racing the best possible race. 

Town is also the center for events throughout the weekend, from social occasions and pre-race dinners to group training sessions, as well as a variety of different training camps and informal events that bring together a diverse group of triathlon lovers. 

Off Road Triathlon, Costa Rica Triathlon, Las Catalinas Triathlon

The 8k trail run that encompasses, beach, trail, and town is the last leg of the Las Catalinas Triathlon

Start Planning for the Triathlon

To learn more about the Las Catalinas Triathlon 2020, and start planning your trip, click here. Solo and team divisions’ registration will open soon, with more news coming via Facebook and Instagram. In the meantime, there’s no better place to train for the TRI than right in Las Catalinas.  

Learn more about el TRI

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