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Healthy swell between .8 – 1.4m, and the tides low right today around dawn (close to 6am) for a morning surf session out at Playa Grande, conditions that should repeat both Saturday and Sunday. There are three factors that make for the ideal surf day at Grande: decent swell, a low tide, and gentle or offshore winds. This time of year, if low tide coincides with sunrise (the mildest time of day for wind), you can almost be sure that there‚Äôll be waves at Grande. 

The waves off of Town fire a bit differently, frequently breaking better for bodysurfing around rising mid-tide, which will come around 10am. So a milder morning on Playa Danta, with water temperatures in the high 70s and air temperatures in the low 80s, well suited for a stroll through the low-tide sandflats.

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