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The Daily. Thursday, March 5th, 2020.

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Today, flat 10 Plaza del Mercado is ready to welcome its homeowners. Flat 10 is the first completed residence in the Flats on Plaza del Mercado. This 3-bedroom flat is on the second floor of this mixed-use building, but is the first residential floor and offers sunset ocean views through large windows and a wraparound covered terrace. 

The receded nature of the terrace is reminiscent of the covered terrace outside of Copper & Stone, and offers an important level of privacy to the home, which will overlook the upcoming Plaza del Mercado and Plaza de Iguanas. As more flats and homes come into this part of town, along with a wide variety of new shops, this entire area, including nearby spaces on Calle Danta and around Plaza Danta, will grow even more lively. 

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