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Seasons Change in Guanacaste

In this Daily: Watching Seasons Change in Guanacaste

It’s Global Wind Day today, and as a town on the coast of Guanacaste it’s impressive how much the wind affects our seasons and our day to day life. The trade winds coming over the mountains create the dry season.

Temperatures in town and on the trails can swing based on where and how the wind is blowing. All of our water sports including surfing, paddling, diving, and more can be entirely different experiences on a calm day versus a breezy one.

It’s only been a few weeks since the trade winds calmed down and we entered green season, However,  tracking the changes below, you can see a world of difference just a few short weeks makes. 

It Doesn’t Take Long

Seasons Change in Guanacaste

Trade Winds Start Dying Down – May 1st. 

Seasons Change in Guanacaste

First Rains on May 8th.

Seasons Change in Guanacaste

Greenery Starts to Arrive on May 15th.

Seasons Change in Guanacaste

Greenery is Here on May 22nd.

Seasons Change in Guanacaste

May 29th: A World of Difference

Seasons Change in Guanacaste

And here today: The Full Green Season

Rich, lush foliage has bee ushered in. Life begins anew. For the next few months, conditions will alternate between moderate ocean breezes and a gentle offshore wind as peaceful as it is elegant.

Of course, there’s also opportunity for fun to be had! With that wind comes the perfect conditions for one of our favorite ocean activities. Surfing! Then, the heaviest rains of green season arrive in October, followed by the trade winds in December. Before too long, we’ll be back to where we are now and the cycle will continue.

The return of those winds from the northeast bring the months of sun and dry weather back, continuing the Guanacaste cycle of seasons. Watching the seasons change in Guanacaste can be a breathtaking experience for the unfamiliar. It doesn’t take long for the cycle to continue.

However, for those of us which call Las Catalinas home, it’s one of the more comforting and reliable parts of living here.


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