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Work Remotely in Costa Rica, Work Abroad, Location Independent

In this Daily: Working Remotely in Las Catalinas

Town has become a thriving and beautiful town of families, visitors, shops, and restaurants, all surrounded by the natural beauty of Costa Rica, and presents an attractive option for those looking to work remotely. Thanks to its high-quality infrastructure, long-term rentals in well-appointed and beautiful homes and flats, the availability of school and necessities for the family, and proximity to Liberia International Airport, Las Catalinas offers the ability to step into a different way of life without ever feeling disconnected.

Work Remotely in Costa Rica, Work Abroad, Location Independent

Las Catalinas is a destination where work, play, and life can all weave together smoothly surrounded by beauty

The Way of Life in Las Catalinas

Las Catalinas presents an alternative to some challenges that can occur in the modern workplace: a long commute, disconnection from nature, a general squeeze on time with family and friends. The vision of town is that we are absolutely meant to be living in places we love, that are beautiful, and improve our way of life.

Working in Las Catalinas brings a different pace to the day-to-day. Rather than a city skyline, the surroundings are nature and the beauty of a timeless traditional town. Trails and the ocean are at the doorstep, making it possible for mountain biking through tropical forests or paddling along the shores of the Pacific to be a daily occurrence, in the early morning or as an afternoon break. Town’s walkability brings people closer together, making it easy to bump into neighbors and spend time with loved ones, and there’s no commute. 

In all, it’s a life that’s more natural, and more connected, all without needing to miss a beat at work.

Stay Connected When You Need To

Thanks to town’s infrastructure, which includes connections like redundant high-speed fiber optic internet and persistent cell service, working remotely is just as easily done in Las Catalinas as from home or any gateway city. Sharing a call while on a morning stroll along the trails, or working steps from the beach are just a few of the possibilities presented by the subtle blend of technology and nature.

Work Remotely in Costa Rica, Work Abroad, Location Independent

One of the keys to Las Catalinas is how timeless beauty and human-centered design integrates with modern comfort. A beachfront restaurant can easily be a temporary office for a bit of work

Combined with the fact that Liberia International Airport is just 45 minutes away, with direct flights to most major U.S. cities, and the fact that town’s attentive concierge service is available around the clock to support in any way, and a stay in Las Catalinas provides a chance to smoothly change the rhythm of work without losing a step.

For the Whole Family

The second key to working remotely in Las Catalinas is the fact that life in town has something for the whole family. As a pedestrian-focused town, Las Catalinas is safe for kids to set out from home with their friends, offering them the freedom to explore and just be kids. There are also a diverse set of private and public schools in the area, along with a number of enrichment activities both during and after school.

Work Remotely in Costa Rica, Work Abroad, Location Independent

School for the kids, a wide range of activities makes life in town a worthwhile transition for the whole family

There are also countless hobbies, outdoor sports, activities, and pursuits to discover in the area, ranging from scuba, surfing, and sailing to cooking and crafts to giving back to local students in the area through English tutoring, sports coaching, or enrichment activities. 

Add in the many benefits of living abroad, or in a different part of the country, and the lifestyle shift of coming to Las Catalinas is a welcome change for the whole family.

Long Term Rentals

Work Remotely in Costa Rica, Work Abroad, Location Independent

8A Cartagena Flats, a 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom flat currently available for long term rentals

Las Catalinas is a town of single family homes and flats, which are built to be lived in, not just visited. Full kitchens provide home cooking, with all the necessities available at nearby Copper and Stone Gourmet Grocery. From small to large, all flats have a blend of social and personal spaces, to balance time spent together with the rest and relaxation necessary for a long term stay. 

Thanks to town’s urban density, all homes and flats in Las Catalinas are just a short walk from the trails, the heart of town, and the ocean, and all rentals in town also come with the service of town’s attentive concierge team, which is available around the clock to assist with any needs that may arise throughout a stay. 

Work Remotely in Costa Rica, Work Abroad, Location Independent

5 Calle La Ronda, a 4 bedroom, 3.5 bathroom home currently available to rent long term

There are a number of different long term rentals available to book right now, ranging from 1 to 4 bedrooms

Work Remote from Las Catalinas

In essence, time in Las Catalinas brings the health, wellbeing, relaxation, and adventurous benefits of a vacation destination with all of the comfort and capability of home. Proximity to nature and town, a lively and interesting set of neighbors, and the beauty of homes, flats, and Las Catalinas itself only add to the experience. 

You can learn more about Las Catalinas, and making the switch to life in Costa Rica, at the link below. 

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