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Baird's Trogon, Birds in Costa Rica

One of the three fundamental principles of Town’s generative urbanism is the preservation of views, and a great deal of thought is put into the visual character of the homes, flats, streets, plazas, and places around Las Catalinas. After all, sight is the sense that humans rely on most.

However, the most immediate human sense is the sense of sound, and on a walk around town each space has its own aural character as well, one which changes day to day. 

For example, two spaces on Paseo del Mar. Down in Plaza Agave, the waves breaking over the long flat shore at low tide were accented by the rustle of a big male iguana negra (black iguana / Ctenasoura similis) demonstrating on a tree branch and the calls of a trogón vientribemejo (Baird’s Trogon / Trogon bairdii).


In Plaza Danta, a group of perico frentinaranja ( orange-fronted parakeets / Aratinga caricularis) combined with the sounds of bustling preparation for the triathlon, and the swaying of the almendros (beach almonds).

Two oceanfront spaces in close proximity, yet entirely different soundtracks to the morning.

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