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The Daily. Monday, February 17th, 2020.

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Mild summer mornings are a special time to be around Beach Town. Post-dawn, well after the sun has risen, most of Town is still partially sheltered in the shade of the ridgetop. Temperatures are still cooler in the mid-70s, the steady northwesterly winds haven’t yet picked up which allows for a misty breeze off the ocean into town, the bay is steady and smooth, and the trails are still shady and fresh. 

Quite a few families are out enjoying the summer morning today. A multigenerational group set off to bike the trails just after 7:30. A dad with kids in tow strolled the beach at high tide. Younger kids played on the beachfront by Limonada, watching Phineas the dog explore. And all along the rocking chairs at Pura Vida Ride and at Santarena’s cafe tables, neighbors were enjoying coffee and breakfast.

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