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After a very mild and moderate beginning to the dry season, including an exceptionally rare February rain, this weekend brought the start of a return to more of the expected weather, with a firm, steady breeze from the northwest. 

Most of the weather in the dry season can be traced back to the trade winds (sometimes locally called the Papagayo winds) that blow consistently from the northwest from late November to May. These winds bring drier and warmer air as a result of the rain shadow effect, change underwater temperature and conditions through a process called deep water upwelling, and result in a near-constantly-present breeze throughout the season. 

This year, the trade winds have been slow to pick up, resulting in cooler conditions with more moisture, trees staying green longer than usual, and that rare February rain. However, over the weekend the warmer temperatures and strong breezes began to pick up, which should be more consistent as the season goes on. 

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