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In this Daily — Cuba Libre and its Costa Rican Roots

Some pretty consistent weather today, with the rising temperatures leveled out by the onshore wind starting around lunchtime. A relatively strong swell today actually for the surfers among us heading up and down the coast, but the shelter islands actually do a pretty good job keeping the waves on Danta and Dantita moderate and small.

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Tonight’s Pop-Up at the Beach Club is Cuba Libre, featuring a selection of colorful cocktails and flavorful foods from the heart of the Carribean. The traveling souls of Alma Viajera have a tendency to reach far and wide across the world, but there’s actually a very close relationship between the Caribbean culture of Cuba and Costa Rica’s southeastern coast. Up here in the Northwest, we don’t often see the effects of our southeastern compatriots — like down in Limon for example — and the area is very different from Guanacaste.

With a unique microclimate that at times sees rain during traditional dry seasons, sunshine in the depths of the green season, the area is definitely unique in Costa Rica, and not just for the weather. The southeast also has a strong Afro-Islander influence, sprinkled in with other Caribbean cultures due to the natural port-city blending of cultures and peoples has taken place since even before colonialism. The result is an interesting people, a lively food culture, and a unique lifestyle, all of which help make tonight’s Cuba Libre dinner just a bit more Costa Rican than you might think. Hope to see you there tonight, which you can book on the LC App or via concierge@lascatalinascr.com.

Upcoming Events

– Cuba Libre @ The Beach Club: 6pm

– HIIT @ Yoga Pavilion: 7am

– Yoga Nidra @ Casa Chameleon: 8:45am

– Sunset Gin & Tonics @ Santarena Hotel: 5pm

Brunch @ Ponciana: 10am



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